Danfos And Kekes Take A Trip Abroad In This Genius Photoseries

February 23, 2017
So did someone actually drive a danfo on the streets of London? Sadly, no. Talented Nigerian photographer and writer, Wonuola Lawal used her amazing Photoshop skills to create a brilliant fusion of pictures taken in Lagos with those taken in major cities abroad and she called it ‘The Displacement Series’. Her reason is simple – “by combining two different stories, each picture is able to tell a new one”.

1. When oyinbo people realize roasted corn is fire

A Nigerian woman roasting corn in a New York subway station.

2. When Lagos danfo meets London bus

Crossroads; when two popular means of transportation from two different worlds meet. 

3. Kekes cannot be left out

Keke Maruwas in New York.

4. These hawkers fit right in

Pastry sellers from Awolowo road, Ikoyi selling their pastries in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia.

5. People in France still have to eat groundnut, right?

A trader from Marina, Lagos selling her wares on a side-street in Sitges, Spain.

6. When you’re going abroad and you remember to take your busstop with you

Lekki Phase 1 bus stop in Boston

7. Lagos taxi lounging in Monaco

A Taxi driver from Monaco points as a Taxi from Lagos, Nigeria suddenly appears in the middle of the road.

8. When you’re in Britain and Nigeria at the same time

A man makes a call in a British telephone box, while on the streets of Lagos.

I know you love it. You’re welcome!

Pictures and captions from Wonuolalwal.com. Follow Wonuola’s Instagram too for some brilliant photography.

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