8 Times Ibadan Beat Lagos Hands Down

December 15, 2015
Lagos snatched the title of the largest city in West Africa from Ibadan and has moved on to be the largest in Africa. But even in the face of serious banter, Ibadan has scored points in areas Lagos wouldn’t even dream of. Here are 8 of them:

1. Free flow of traffic.

Except on really bad accident days and during execution of construction projects, it is very possible to drive from a far end of Ibadan to another in less than two hours.
Just look at Lagos traffic.

2. There is enough space for everyone and everything, Ibadan is thrice the size of Lagos.

Ibadan has a landmass of over 27,000 sq km. But Lagos has a landmass of 3,577 sq km with a current population size of approximately 21 million.
Even the beaches are crowded.

3. Because of the free air and less traffic, the people are not angry.

The heat, stress and traffic in Lagos is enough to make someone angry forever please.

4. Three words: cheap cab fares.

Ibadan 100 – 1 Lagos

5. Rent in the suburbs is cheap too.

This two bedroom flat in Ibadan is #350,000 per annum, no need to drop one kidney to pay the landlord.

6. Abundance of historic monuments and tourist sites.

Ibadan has more evidence of Nigerian cultural heritage than Lagos does. The best part is that those places are very accessible.

7. The crime rate is lower than in Lagos.

While broods of petty thieves and armed robbers swarm in Lagos, fewer cases of crime is usually recorded in Ibadan.

8. You can totally ball on a budget.

Not like this exactly sha. [zkk_poll post=13222 poll=content_block_standard_format_11]

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