1. So you decided to join creative gang and become a photographer.

Because you sef wan enter Bellanaija Weddings.

2. And that means you have to get a good camera at least.

People gats take you serious as a professional somebody.

3. You, when you realize you can’t get a good camera for less than 100k.


4. That’s not all o, you’ll have to start googling orisirisi things like ‘exposure’ and ‘ISO’.

So you thought all you had to do was press one button, LOL!

5. When you start taking pictures and your clients still end up looking like Baba Suwe.

Ty Bello glow, where you at now?

6. So you have to start learning editing with Photoshop and Lightroom.

Layers and layers of stress!

7. Next thing your favorite photographer wants N1m for photography workshop.

Obara Jesus!

8. But you didn’t learn anything new at the workshop because you’ve seen everything on Youtube.

Issa scam!

9. New photographers, when they hear one of TY Bello’s cameras costs over N1M.

You’re ready to sell your birthright for it!

10. When you want to work with your fave photographer and he asks you to hold reflector through out.

And they’ll now tag you as their photography assistant.

11. You, when someone asks you to do free work for exposure.

God punish devil o!

12. When your client uploads your picture with one yeye Instagram filter.

Ratchet behaviour!

13. When you finally start getting recognised for your work.

Oshay!!! Featured image credit: Bayo Omoboriowo

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