15 Stunning Pictures From Namibia That Will Make You Long For A Vacation

September 29, 2016
Ben Mcrae is an Australian photographer who spends his time capturing beautiful moments in Africa, especially Namibia.

1. This woman carrying firewood like it’s nothing.

2. The most beautiful sand dunes ever.

3. Namibia is stunning at night.

4. A Himba woman shaving her son’s hair.

5. Another beautiful starry night.

6. This little boy is adorable.

7. Morning chores on the Namibian countryside.

8. These cubs look too innocent to bite.

9. Are those cows?

10. Story time for the Himba people.

11. Even Namibian goats are pretty.

12. This hippo looks angry though.

13. it looks so peaceful here.

14. These guys must be immune to cold.

15. Her hair is long though.

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