11 Pictures Every Nigerian Who Grew Up Muslim Will Totally Relate To

February 8, 2016
From running away from Islamiyya to having a completely random Christmas day, these are 11 of the things Nigerian Muslims experienced while growing up.

1. When your parents make you go to Islamiyya (Ile kewu) every other day of the week.

Hay God! All those default knocks and slaps.

2. How the Mallam slaps you when your recitation goes wrong.


3. Pinching and making faces at your friends in the mosque while the older ones pray.

I see you, my guy!

4. Having to fast till 3pm during Ramadan because you were too small to fast till 7.


5. When you secretly swallow water when making ablution during Ramadan.

I can’t come and die please.

6. When they say “close your eyes for prayer” in school and you shine your eyes like…

I’m just observing.

7. When people ask for your English name after you told them your Muslim name.

I just told you my name, wyd?

8. When you say “Aamin” instead of Amen and everyone around is like..

What are you saying please?

9. Turning up on Eid day in your hottest baffs with the squad.

What’s an Eid outfit without these coloured sunshades?

10. When you receive Sallah money from your generous uncles.

And you plan how to spend your several 20 naira notes.

11. You, when all your mates are talking about Father Christmas.

Err, why do you guys sit on his laps?

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