There was a tweet going around about a guy that was almost crucified by his babe for messing up her non-stick pots.

Rookie mistake. There are many things that a woman’s love conquers, but using these six things? Just start looking for another partner.

  1. Her Food

Even if she offers to feed you, say no. Have some bloody self-control.

2. Her Wig

If you’re considering using her ₦350k human hair to practice your TikTok and Instagram skits, drop it now. Drop it immediately.

3. The T-shirt/Sweatshirt she stole

What is she supposed to use to sleep at night or for quick errands? Adieu Papa t-shirt? Give her her shirt back.

4. Skincare Products

It’s the men that use it with no regard for me. Squeezing the tube like toothpaste. We support a man supporting his skin. But please, stick to Irish Spring if you don’t want to buy your own. 

5. Hair Conditioner

Please when did men realise the power of conditioners and who told them?! Especially the beard gang group. Please and please, stick to your oils and Afro combs.

6. Jewelry

Men with piercings are the hottest, until the studs a babe ordered from Zara disappears. Then it’s wartime on these love streets.



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