Everyone has that outfit or item of clothing that makes them ooze confidence when they wear it. For me, it’s workout clothes. I just like the way they fit on my body — it’s as if the clothes are pressing out my flaws. And I love how compression pants make my legs look great. 

I was interested in knowing the different items of clothing that made other people feel confident. So I went to do amebo and ask people. 


My anxiety comes out to play every now and then, and so I really appreciate the anonymity that face masks bring to the table. 

Abiola, 25

I prioritize my comfort over anything. I’m confident when I’m comfortable, and that’s why I love sweat pants. I can wear them anywhere. I’ll be the type of rich person that wears sweatpants and slippers to the club. 


I feel confident in ashawo shorts and long white Nike socks. Because they show off my gym gains (thighs and calves). I go to the gym, simply because I want to be able to look sexy in shorts, not really for my health. 


I’m obsessed with sneakers. If I had my way I’d wear them with everything, but I’m poor right now so I can’t exactly be a sneakerhead; I have only four. Sneakers make me feel so cool. They complete me. 

Amaka*, 27

I don’t exactly have the figure-eight shape with a big bum, but when I wear jeans, it suddenly feels like I do. I don’t know if it’s because of how tight they are on my body, but they shape my body. 

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I feel confident when I wear Nigerian trad. Because of my big and tall stature, I look and feel like a sugar daddy when I wear traditional outfits, and I love it so much.

Ife, 26

Give me a well-cut two-piece suit and I’ll feel like the sexiest man in the world. When I wear suits, it’s like I’m a rich man that has his life together. I walk with my chest up and my head high and I feel like I can do anything. 

Awele, 23

A body fitting, high neck, midi-length dress with a side slit, paired with really good high heel shoes (very important). I have a nice figure and this is the type of dress that shows it off well. Heels give me the balance and posture that flats don’t, which makes me stand tall and feel confident. 

Dami, 25

There’s just something about wearing matching bras and panties that makes me feel great. When I wear them, it’s as if I have my life together. 


Give me a dress with a thigh-high slit that shows cleavage and it’s over for everybody. I love the way my breasts look when I wear dresses with plunging necklines. Showing off the assets that God blessed me with makes me feel confident. 


I like rings. They make my fingers pop, especially when I have long nails. Even when I’m not dressed up,  just having different types of rings on my finger can make me feel sexy. 

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