This article is dedicated to the girlies who wear one of the most uncomfortable pieces of clothing ever – jeans.

Read this to know what your favourite style of jeans says about you.

1. High-waist jeans. 

You probably have a little bit of a belly you need to hide and there’s no shame in that. Everyone likes to look sinched and sexy, so keep wearing those high-waist jeans to elevate your sexiness. 

2. Low rise jeans. 

It’s now 2022, but you’re still obsessed with Y2K fashion. You’re a nollybabe who isn’t afraid to be daring when it comes to her fashion choices. There’s also a part of you that’s convinced you’re Kanye West’s muse. 

3. Bootcut jeans.

Anyone who’s younger than 25 and loves bootcut jeans is a reincarnation of their old great grandfather. Your grandpa’s spirit from the early 70s still lives very much in you. We’re sure you’re also obsessed with vintage shirts and you wear an afro.

4. Baggy jeans.

You either grew up listening to a lot of hip-hop music, or you’re a young person who loves alte style and fashion. Your style in jeans isn’t influenced by a period in time, since alte fashion draws inspiration from different centuries. 

5. Boyfriend jeans.

You and the people who baggy jeans are in the same group chat, but you’re a proud material girl. You probably live life in pastel and have more than bucket hats that match your mini bags. 

6. Mum jeans.

Anyone who wears mum jeans doesn’t take their comfort for granted. Jeans are already uncomfortable enough and they’ll always go for the most comfortable pair. 

7. Skinny jeans.

There’s no hurdle anyone who wears skinny jeans can’t overcome. From jumping into jeans to jumping to conclusions; there’s nothing they aren’t equipped for. 

8. Ripped jeans.

If you still wear ripped jeans, you probably have a closet filled with flannel shirts too. 

9. Straight jeans.

People who wear straight jeans want to have the same amount of comfort people who wear mum jeans have. Straight jeans give cool aunty vibes and that’s exactly what they’re going for. 

10. Acid-washed jeans.

Please, throw those jeans out. Don’t ask us any questions, just go into your closet, pick all the acid-washed jeans you have and throw them away. It’s 2022 and it’s time to get a better and more stylish pair of jeans. 



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