Translation: Debtor

Most of us have had debtors at some point in life. They show up, borrow money, and payback. No hassle. However, a simple debtor becomes an onigbese when they show up, borrow money, and then seemingly vanish into thin air when the time comes to payback. Their phone numbers are suddenly unreachable and they never read or return your messages, even though you can SEE their online activity.

Today, we’re here to help you with three ways you can get your money back (when you’re actually able to find and hold them down).

1) Sent straight to your bank account:

Because you still feel some pity for them and don’t expect them to walk about with large amounts of cash. The moment you find and hold them down, make them transfer the money to your account right then. Don’t let them leave until you’re sure you have it.

2) In cash:

Yes, they’ve proven to be less than reputable. But the fact is, you can’t hold them forever if the money doesn’t enter your account within the next 10 – 20 minutes. To avoid stories that touch (the money NEVER entering), tell them to pay their debt in cash. How they pull it off is not your concern.

3) In your Paga account:

You haven’t heard? Paga – Nigeria’s No 1 mobile money company – just launched their new mobile app, and one of the new features added is the ability to request money from anyone by giving them your customizable just-paga-me link.

A few other new features added to the mobile app are:

  • A user having the ability to transfer money to any phone number or email address for free.
  • Buy airtime and pay bills.
  • Deposit money in the bank.

The app is available for free in the Google and Apple play store.

Click here download and register on the app.


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