The only person more curious than a five-year-old is a woman in love. They are the masters of asking questions with the most obvious answers.  Anyway, we still love them sha. Your girlfriend has probably asked you one of these questions before.

Would you still love me if I was a worm?


What kind of wahala is this now?

Why are you calling me that?


This always comes after you call her by her government name. “My name is Babe, not Tolu.”

Why haven’t you apologised to me yet?


This is her method of apologising by the way.

Oh, you have forgotten me, your girlfriend?


This is after you’ve not replied to her message for a grand total of three minutes.

Are you cheating on me?

Sister, even if I was cheating, do you think the way you’d find out is by you randomly asking me?

Do I look fat in this dress?


Dear Kings, never answer yes to this question. NEVER.

Do you love me?

This question always pops out of the blue. You’ll have to spend the next 20 minutes reassuring her that the pimple on her face hasn’t made you stop loving her.

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