A wise man  — me — once said,  you can’t appreciate money until you understand it. Don’t overthink the quote please; pretend it’s from Socrates. 

This is Zikoko’s guide to what the Naira notes are worth. 


The dollar makes a mockery of its value but we’ll take what we can get. It’s also the only note with 2 people on it. Two heads are still better than one.


It closely follows ₦1000 in value. Okay, maybe not so closely, because this is the biggest value difference among all the notes. It used to be able to buy bread comfortably, but a big loaf is now ₦550. Depending on how good you are at pricing things, you can still get akube shirts with it.


Legend has it that whenever you want to squeeze money into someone’s hand, this is what you go for. It’s also the most common note to spray at owambes.


It’s probably the most useful note. It ‘s often the dirtiest too. It can buy garri, pay for okada, and can even come through as offering in church.  I stan a versatile note.


Popularly known as Waso, short for Wazobia. It used to be enough to buy one wrap of fufu but that can only work these days if you carry a gun with you. 


Groundnut, sweets, chewing gum and pure water. The four horsemen of twenty naira.


This is closer to a relic than it is to being a naira note. It used to be enough for pure water but even that is now beyond its reach.


You’re more likely to find suya in the afternoon than to see a ₦5 note these days. Despite its scarcity, it’s still the most financially deficient note. If I were to give you one ₦5 note every hour, in one month, you would earn ₦3,650. 

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