Curious about what went down at Biggie’s house last Saturday? Well, get ready for a thrilling update on how it all went down! The Big Brother Naija stage turned into a battleground of clever thinking, creativity, and exciting surprises that had everyone hooked. Whether you saw it live or missed out, here’s a quick rundown that’ll make you feel like you were part of the action.

So picture this: it’s a regular day in the house, and the contestants are going about their business. Little do they know, a surprise is in store. TECNO, one of the show’s sponsors, drops a bombshell – they’re unleashing a challenge bound to blow their minds. Can you feel the suspense building?

Boom! The doors to the Arena swing open, and what greets the housemates is like something out of a blockbuster. The setup is an explosion of creativity and chaos, setting the stage for a crazy adventure. The contestants get split into four teams: CAMON 20 Premier, CAMON 20 Pro 5G, CAMON 20 Pro, and CAMON 20. Get ready for the ride of your life!

Hold on to your hats – the first challenge is a total mind-bender. Two members from each team need to crack open a chest, but here’s the twist: it’s locked up tight with not one, not two, but seven locks! The keys? Well, they’re hidden among a jumble of cubes. The clock starts ticking – they have fifteen minutes to solve this puzzle. It’s a race against time, a frenzy of hands rummaging through cubes, trying to find those elusive keys. It’s like a scene from a movie!

A fierce competition unfolded as the sands of time slipped through their fingers. In the end, it was the CAMON 20 Premier team—Soma, Cross, Ike, and CeeC—that emerged victorious. Their skillful coordination and nimble fingers secured their lead, thrusting them ahead in this high-stakes contest.

But the challenge was far from over. TECNO had another trick up their sleeve, demanding determination and the very essence of creativity. This time, housemates are tasked with creating music videos for Tiwa Savage’s songs: Pick Up, Somebody’s Son, Loaded, and Stamina. Housemates were given outfits matching each song’s vibe and it was game on!!!

Seeing the housemates brainstorming, choreographing, and filming these videos within a limited time was fun. It was a whirlwind of artistry and passion. And you know what? The CAMON 20 Premier team weren’t just good at cracking locks but proved themselves as wizards at creating stunning videos. Their video stood out, blending creativity with determination, earning them the title of the creative champs. And to cap the night was an electrifying Saturday night party,

On a night of mouthwatering display of creativity, it so happened that the housemates were not the only winners. Twenty viewers participating in the online poll and trivia walked away with N5,000 each. If you were not a part of them, don’t fret or think that you have lost out. More chances are on the horizon. You only need to join the conversation on BBNaija All-Stars and TECNO using #BBNaijaxTECNO on Twitter and other social media platforms to win amazing prizes such as airtime and cash prizes. 

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