Therapy is expensive, retail therapy included, but wouldn’t you rather spend a sickening amount of money on clothes you’d forget in your wardrobe than on telling a therapist that your daddy beat you for stealing sweets two decades ago, now you cry for no reason when you see sweets? Yes? Same. 

Here’s why retail therapy slaps. 

1. You can heal your inner child 

Having adult money is wild because you can just choose to get that toy you begged your mum for every month since you turned 10, and no one will beat you for spending it. You can buy a pack of chocolates, and eat it all in a day, and no one will judge you except your dentist, and last last, they’ll be fine. 

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2. Waiting for your delivery gives you a reason to live

If you’ve never had to wait for an international package to be delivered, you’re missing out. According to the Zikoko bureau of statistics, studies have shown that waiting for a delivery package increases your lifespan. Anyone who says money can’t solve your problems is a liar and a detty bitch.

3. Everyone likes new things

New things smell amazing and will instantly make you smile. Whoever made online shopping possible needs an award and a hot plate of amala. What a genius! You mean I can get what I want without moving an inch? Just thinking about the pose you’ll make in the mirror when you get a new shoe or dress will brighten your day. 


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4. It helps you forget your worries 

Sometimes, you’re sad for no reason, and no amount of food or hugs can help, but doom scrolling through shopping apps can ease your mind and put you in a better mood. Try planning an outfit for two hours and see if you won’t forget all your worries for a while. 

5. It’s like opening a present

The best part of retail therapy is the unboxing. It’s the little thank you note for patronizing the vendor, the plans you get to make for that new box and the shot of relief when that shoe fits. All these little things can make the unboxing of your self-bought presents pretty exciting. 

6. It gives you temporary joy

If you had to choose between being super sad and temporary happiness, won’t you choose to be happy? Can that new bag pay for one therapy session? Yes, but does therapy come with free sample perfumes? No, and that’s on 14 similar t-shirts in your ASOS cart. 

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