What is Okrika and what is Thrift? And more importantly, how are they different? Worry yourself no more. Today, we give you a comprehensive analysis of the differences between both items.

Shall we begin?

1. First of all, this one is Okrika.

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2. And this one is Thrift.

Well, what is the difference? You ask. Wait, we’re getting there.

3. Okrika is in its raw and unprocessed form.

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As in, say, na as e take arrive them take sell am. Them no dey allow okrika drink water drop cup.

4. But you see Thrift, thrift na happening babe.

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Thrift na Okrika wey don bath, collect starch, iron, and perfume for body, come slay for Twitter and Instagram.

5. If they were both human beings, Okrika and Thrift would be qualified candidates, but Thrift will always get the job because of proper packaging.


Moral lesson? Always package yourself well. Na person wey no know when he go succeed dey always waka like Okrika.

6. Okrika is bend-down-carry-yansh-up-chook-finger-in-the-pile-and select.

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AKA “Bend Down Select“, “Na here Rihanna dey buy“, “Even Beyonce sabi correct thing.” Once you mention Okrika, everybody knows what you’re out to do. The only way to save yourself is by saying you’re going to Okrika, the port town in Rivers State, Nigeria.

7. But Thrift is a dictionary name. Fancy and posh. You can say you’re going Thrifting, and people will think you’re out on a fancy holiday or visiting a fancy spa.

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I await the day an overambitious Christian Igbo family will name their first daughter “Thrift.” Or, to make it more religious, “ThriftOfGod.” If Scholastica, Perpetual (aka Peppetual), Cletus, GodKnows, OpenHeavens, and God’sBattleAxe can exist, what is ThriftOfGod that they cannot use?

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