Secondary school holds a lot of fun memories for some people. For others, not so much. Regardless, we all had our best and worst memories. We’ve decided to rank the classes from “so good you wouldn’t mind repeating” to “so bad if you could leave after the first term you would”.


Taking on the tag of “final-year student” is amazing. The risks that are taken and the flex of writing external exams put it right up there as the most enjoyable class. The joy of finally leaving secondary school is one of the top three most amazing feelings; probably after reading an inside life article and a pregnancy scare.


Very few feelings beat the joy of finally moving to Senior Secondary School. The new uniforms, the ability to drop some subjects, and the general flex of being in Senior Secondary School put it at no 2.  There hasn’t been a more iconic change of fits since the transfiguration.


It might be an unpopular choice, but hear me out. 

In this class, everyone just wants to have pure undiluted fun; run, play, and make stupid jokes. It’s also the first time you have “juniors”.


It’s not a completely bad class, to be fair. It feels nice being at the end of Junior Secondary School but that’s where it stops. The constant classes and the crazy preparation for the Junior WAEC (West African Examinations Council) exams make it a more unlikeable class.


This is a perfect case of so close yet so far. The SS3 v SS2 rivalry is real. To make things worse, all the subjects get so much harder. To cap it all, the SS3 guys will still make a ritual of going after the SS2 girls.


This is the real ghetto. The best description is that it’s life at the bottom of the secondary school food chain. It’s a new environment with higher academic expectations, and often times, bullies. It gets better, but the first few months are brutal. 

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Bonus – Holidays

It isn’t a class but it’s definitely the best time during secondary school. Why can’t every day just be a holiday?



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