1. You remember to get petrol for the generator every time

NEPA can never disappoint you.

2. You have the gas man, the electrician and the plumber on speed dial

Because gas cannot let hunger come and kill you.

3. You have a job that you try not to suck at

You try o!

4. Your saving game is on point

Superstar that you are.

5. … And you’re very strict with spending money

No money to waste, biko.

6. But you also know when to have fun and splurge because you cannot come and die

You cannot come and go and die.

7. You actually catch up with your old friends

Aren’t you the sweetest?

8. You know how to make serious concoction

Pour everything together and eat, please.

9. You have enough money to stay on your own, but you’re smart enough to stay with your parents

Only people with sense know this.

10. You know when to let some people in your life go

Biko, don’t kill me with headache.

11. You have customers in every market

You know all the cheapest spots too!

12. Your pricing game is not anybody’s mate

Even when you’re not on a budget, you’re on a budget.

13. You exercise and drink plenty water everyday

Fitfam, show yourself.

14. You know real adults need to use real protection during sex


15. You actually use the overhead bridge. Every time!

Everytime? You’re extra sha, but 3 gbosa for you.

16. You know very well you have to choose your owambes carefully

Just buy the aso ebi that concerns you and go.


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