Nigerian lawyer, former minister and politician Femi Fani-Kayode has not ceased to be in the news and on the internet.

He is famous for his sharp unsolicited opinion on national issues and outrageous articles and Facebook posts. Here are the ridiculous things he has said in the media.

1. When he attacked Rotimi Amaechi on his Facebook page.

2. When he posted a tribalist article about the Igbo people on the internet.

He went as far as accusing the Igbo people of carrying out the first coup plot in Nigeria

3. When he accused President Buhari of funding Boko Haram.

Awww! He blessed God before he started talking, what a godly man!

4. He even posted on Facebook that a suicide bomber shouted “Sai Buhari” before detonating his bomb vest.

He edited the statement after his comments box received serious heat from Nigerians.

5. The threats he made when Chief Olu Falae was abducted.

He blamed the Federal Government for the kidnap and made threats of serious consequences if plans to release the elder were not made.

6. When he said “Is it a Buhari?”

LOL! Fire on, sir!

7. When he accused the US government of aiding Boko Haram.


8. When he tried to stir up trouble after the ministerial appointments of late 2015.

In his usual manner of posting lengthy articles that made eyes roll, he attempted to open old wounds after the ministerial list dropped in September 2015.

9. He believes Nigeria is built on a Satanic foundation.

In his opinion, Lord Lugard and Lady Shaw were satanists and worshippers of Lucifer.

10. This very deep quote he shared on Twitter.


11. He believes some people might be insane.

12. Oh! And another threat from the fearless FFK

13. He followed the threat up with another long article to further explain his threats and accusations.

He even advocated against marginalisation of Igbo people. Very brilliant! But he hasn’t taken down his tribalist article of 2015 sha.


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