1. The one about Nigerian fathers

Every. Nigerian. Father.

2. The one about Nigerian mothers

Sorry ma!

3. The one about watching TV with your parents

Hay God!

4. This picture of fear

Just disappear.

5. This catering menu

They did not born you well to misspell Jollof rice.

6. The one about side chicks

Real friends.

7. The one about Buhari


8. The one about GEJ

At least he is trying.

9. The one about our exchange rate

The pain.

10. The one about a child’s ticket

You can’t argue with that.

11. This gym

This is the most Nigerian thing ever.

12. The one about church

Every Nigerian mother.

13. The typical Nigerian aunty

Amebo is in their blood.

14. This architect that has a lot of explaining to do

Maybe they did not pay him his balance.

15. The one about washing dishes

Unless you will help me wash it just save it, biko.

16. The real use of the head

Is it a lie though?

17. The one about finding love

You want to kill your mother?

18. This unofficial reason all Nigerian parents have children

The worst.

19. This serious prayer point

Oya, start praying.


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