1. You, every day you have to go into work:

Just leave me to die.

2. When you hear that NLC wants to go on strike.

NLC, carry on.

3. When you get to work late and your oga starts disturbing you.

Can I live?

4. When one of your colleagues touches your food.

It’s all over. Don’t cry. Don’t beg.

5. You, looking at the clock everyday till it’s time to leave.

Time, hurry up na.

6. When you see someone baffing up to work.

So extra.

7. Your face, when you realize that someone has exchanged your chair with theirs.

Are you mad?

8. Whenever a colleague tries to turn off the AC.

You want to die, ehn?

9. When it’s 5 minutes to closing time and you see a colleague approaching with a file.

God forbid.

10. When your oga tries to give you work after 5.


11. Whenever a colleague tries to make conversation with you outside the office.

Don’t biko.

12. You, when your salary was meant to enter by 5:00 and it’s already 5:01.


13. When you get a work email during the weekend.

Not today, satan.

14. When they ask if you can come into work on a public holiday.

Keep dreaming.

15. When they give that your oversabi colleague extra work after closing time.

Good for you.

16. When your oga catches you reading Zikoko at the office.

Hay God!


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