1. Nigerian politicians summed up in a poem:

Too accurate.

2. Nigerian politicians and “resign”:

What is a “resign”?

3. This one about the INEC chairman:

Free and fair ko.

4. When Nigerian politicians show you their true colours.


5. Nigerian politicians and their counterparts abroad:

See these ones.

6. Nigerian politicians and equality:

“It is unafrican.”

7. This perfect shade:

Too perfect, abeg.

8. This very apt correction:

Nobody is happier than a Nigerian politician.

9. Nigerian politicians and misplaced concern:

Na wa!

10. The only things Nigerian politicians know how to say:

Where their vocabulary starts and ends.

11. This one about the national cake:

Manage the rest.

12. This one about Nigerian politicians and indecision:

They must not carry last.

13. This one about Nigeria’s money:

Is it a lie?


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