1. When they complain that you’re always pressing your phone, but complain when you miss their calls.

What do you want ehn?

2. When they answer your call and wait like 10 seconds before actually speaking.

What is happening?

3. When they spend half the conversation shouting “HELLO”.

Na wa.

4. How you talk to your parents on the phone:

For the ENTIRE phonecall.

5. When you check your phone and see double digit missed calls from your mother.

When you call back and she says “I was just reminding you to wash your plate.”

6. When your father says he has been “calling you since”, but you only saw one missed call.

Since ke.

7. When their voice increases exponentially when they are on a call.

Calm down.

8. Call duration with your mother vs. Call duration with your father:

Especially when your mum calls to pray for you.

9. How they hold you hostage when a relative calls:

Ugh! The worst.

10. When you just left the house and they call you to come back home.


11. How your dad answers his phone when he knows you want to beg for money:

Ah! Daddy, easy na.

12. When they wake you up with a phonecall early in the morning.

Can I be?

13. How they spell over the phone:

All. The. Time.


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