1. When they insult you at home but defend you in public.

So strange.

2. When they say “we are only beating you because we love you.”

I don’t understand this love oh.

3. When they call you to come and eat right after beating you.

They have already forgiven you.

4. When they allow you to go and take extra meat.


5. When they still give you offering money even as an adult.

You are still a child to them.

6. When they always find a way to bring home food from owambes for you.

You must eat what they ate.

7. When your relatives try to report you to your parents and they give them:

Just once in a while, but it’s so sweet.

8. When they spend an eternity praying for you whenever you’re about to travel.

They must pray for journey mercies first.

9. When they buy you a phone that is more expensive than their own.

They got you smartphone and they are still using 3310.

10. When your sibling chooks mouth when they are scolding you and they turn and face them.

They are lowkey defending you.

11. When they start trying to play with you right after punishing you.

I don’t like this play.

12. When they make you stay home in the name of keeping you safe.

The worst.

13. When you misbehave but your mother doesn’t report you to your father.

The biggest act of kindness.

14. When you call your father to ‘greet him’ and he just asks:

Daddy, you sabi abeg.


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