In a Nigerian home, there’s a very fine line between being a child and being an adult. 21 might be the official legal age for most things like voting or drinking but if you think that’s when you come of age then you are a joker. To prevent your parents from calling a family meeting on your head, here’s how you really know you’ve come of age in a Nigerian home.

When your mum starts putting two pieces of meat on your rice.

Is this me

When they ask for your opinion during a family meeting.

You mean you want my opinion??

When you are still out at 7pm and your mother hasn’t called you ten times

I don’t understand what’s happening right now

When they start using style to ask you if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Is this a trick question?

When your parents stop sending you pocket money just because you got one small job like that

Am I not your child again?

When they start asking you what you are still doing in their house.

Is it not our house again?

When they bring NEPA bill and your parents ask how much you are going to contribute

But when did this one start?

When your mum starts asking you for grandchildren

Please ma stop this rough play

When you can go out without dropping 5 working days notice

Ehn sho mo age mi

When during family prayer your parents only prayer point for you is to get married and leave their house.

When did this one start?

When you tell your parents you have a boyfriend and they reply ‘Thank God o!’

Is it that serious?

But the surest way to know you’ve come of age is when they give you signs you’re ready to become a parent. Are you ready to have a child? Watch this video to find out what Nigerians have to say about parenthood.


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