1. All the shops selling “Val’s day gift” as if it’s not normal items in red packaging!

2. All the restaurants that suddenly think their food is romantic and extra special. Let’s hear word please!

3. All the people that claim in their own relationship, “everyday is a holiday”.

4. People that started dating 30 minutes ago, but are now professionals in loving and being loved.

5. People that claim they don’t care about the day, but have been talking about it since January 14.

6. Broke people, that think we don’t know it’s because things are tight “valentine’s day is very frivolous”.

7. People with too much money, who spend hours talking about their plans for the day.

8. People that are not sure of their relationship status, so keep asking every Tobi, Emeka and Ahmed whether or not they should buy a present!

9. People that are tired of each other, but are still dragging themselves because “long term relationship”.

10. Peple that have not finished minding their own business, but want to mind yours.

11. And those people that played and won Diamond Bank’s Shoe Game.

Do you want to pepper everybody on Valentine’s day? Take this test to show everybody how Valentine’s day is done.

Take this test to show everybody how Valentine’s day is done.


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