So a few months after my 18th birthday I decided that I was now a big babe with mind.

I’m grown now and nobody can tell me what to do!

And so I made plans with my friends to go for a late night party.

No dulling!

I knew my parents would not allow me to go.

“Go to where? It’s like you are not okay.”

So I made plans with my best friends to sneak out of the house.

As per Jamesina Bond!

And be back in before 5:30 when my parents wake up.

No one would ever know!

The great day (abi night) came.

I dressed up in my “baddest babe in Nigeria” outfit.


Made sure my make up was on fleek.

Very subtle look.

That’s how I got downstairs to the sitting room and saw my mother.


But wait, there’s more oh!

Ahn ahn!

Her whole women’s fellowship was there, doing prayer meeting!

I am in big trouble!

I was there in my bad gang clothes and make up.

Which kind of explanation can I even try and explain?

Stammering and sweating…

“G-g-good afternoon I m-mean g-good evening ma!”

That was how I joined our church’s women’s group that very night.

Yes oh!

And ended up doing prayer meeting while my friends grooved the night away.

“Somebody say Amen!”

I also had to apologise to my mother almost everyday for six months!

“Plis ma it was devil oh!”

Any small thing “is that not how you wanted to do night waka waka?”

Ahn ahn!

“Children of these days have spoiled!”

Okay oh!

I wish I could say I learned my lesson…

For where?

I just learned to be more careful!

“I ain’t sorry!”


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