1. When you wake up and the money you dreamt of is not in front of you.

So it was a dream? This life sha!

2. When you’ve made a tight budget and one unexpected expense comes up.

I mean, might as well.

3. When your rich gang friends start making plans for lunch and want to include you.

Awon alakoba.

4. When your salary has just entered but you know in 30 minutes you will be broke again.

Is this how life used to do?

5. When the aso ebi mafia want to turn you into a debtor.

I already have enough problems please.

6. When you go and borrow money AGAIN from your sharp mouthed friend they’re like:

Baba God change my story!

7. When you see “sales” but you don’t bother entering the store because even if it’s 100% off, it’s still too expensive.

One day sha, one day!

8. When you see “free” in front of anything.

Just bring it, I will find something I can use it for.

9. When you forget your change.

Why must the righteous suffer like this?

10. How people look at you when you go to a party with an empty container to carry food home:

Please mind your business you don’t know my struggles.

11. When someone threatens to sue you, you’re like.

With which money will I pay you? Better just abuse me and go!

12. When you check your account balance and it’s even worse than you thought.


13. You, every morning:

Maybe one 2000 naira will drop from somewhere sha.

14. When someone refers to anything more than 1500 naira as “chicken change”.

You people are rich oh!


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