1. Visit the queen

Do we even have to tell you this?

2. Feed the pigeons in Trafalgar Square

Do it for world peace, sir.

3. Take a train to Paris and go to Disneyland

Age is just a number, no one is too old for Disneyland, please.

4. Marry an English wife for papers

So you can escape the wahala that is Nigeria, forever!

5. Go for a short internship with the English parliament to see how things actually get done

Since we’re all being childish.

6. Go to Oxford Street and do shopping for all of us

All I want is a fine handbag, please and thank you sir.

7. He shouldn’t forget to go out and catch some good old British fun

Don’t let your aides keep you inside the house to be eating jollof.

8. Enter the buses and trains and let’s compare notes with the rubbish we’re doing here

Shebi you too can see the difference?

9. Watch plenty TV before he comes back and NEPA starts showing him pepper

They don’t care if you’re president or not o, you will still use generator.

10. Not worry too much about us

In fact, if you like don’t come back sir. VP is taking care off us. Kisses!


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