In Nigeria being a single woman is very hard.

Sometimes even harder than you might imagine.

One minute you are a baby girl living your life, the next minute everyone is asking you ‘when will you marry?’

When did this happen?

In fact once you hit a certain age everyone from your gateman to your boss at work is advising you to go to Shiloh

But what is your business?

It doesn’t matter who you are and what you’ve achieved. The only important question is ‘why are you single?’

“Oh you just won a Nobel Prize? Husband nko?”

Before you know it all of your friends start to get married even the ones you thought were single pringles like you

What a betrayed

It doesn’t help that their married status seems to come with infinite wisdom and they take it upon themselves to cure the disease that is your singleness. 

You better face your marriage

Nowhere is safe. You go to church to worship your Lord God and Saviour, and some church aunty will ambush you about attending singles fellowship

Did I say I was single and searching?

When you even try to date the men act like they are doing you a favour. “You don’t know you are old abi, I’m just trying to epp your life”

You are 40 and living with your parents epp your own life first.

What of living alone as a single woman?

You are living alone? And you are single? You must be an asewo

Before you know it everyone is trying to hook you up, including your Aunty Yejide who has had 7 husbands

Please don’t disturb me

You’ve not even found bae but everyone keeps asking you “children nko”?

Will they fall from heaven?

And it’s not even like you had a problem being single you were perfectly fine but now you can help but wonder…

Maybe I should go to the Shiloh

At the end of the day it’s your life don’t let anyone disturb your peace of mind

Enjoy your life

So the next time someone should ask you when are you getting into a relationship, tell them…

Please don’t let anybody stress your life.

Meanwhile what’s your spec?


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