1. When you see your secondary school friends after 4 years and you’re like

The best feeling!

2. How you guys gist as if there’s no tomorrow

All the hottest gossip.

3. When you say an old joke and they still remember

Realest g!

4. When you see the senior that punished you guys in school, you’re like:

“See her legs like broomstick”.

5. When someone now creates a chat group for all your closest secondary school friends.


6. How you treat them with care because they know all your dirty secrets

First class pampering to keep their mouths shut.

7. So when they ask you to do something difficult, you’re like:

“Of course!”

8. When you can crash their house anytime, because it’s really your second home.

You even crash their kitchen too.

9. When you use body and eye language and they instantly get you

Oshey baddest!

10. When you guys fight but you’re chill because you know it will never last long

That’s how they used to do.


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