1. When your mother sees you resting and lets you be.


2. When your mother actually gives you a straight answer.

3. When your father gets the remote by himself.


4. When your parents support your non-medical profession.

5. When there’s no ‘African time’ at play.


6. When your parents actually do a chore by themselves.

7. When you don’t have to wash plates.


8. When the oyinbo teacher actually gets your name right.


9. When the girl vomiting in the Nollywood movie just has malaria.

10. When your parents don’t shout at the top of their lungs.


11. When the person you parents call your aunty is actually your aunty.

12. When your parents actually like the person you’re dating.


13. When your parents don’t think your left hand is of the devil.

14. When your parents don’t compare you to your classmate with 2 heads.

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