1. You, when you see fine boys

What’s up boy?

2. As you’re looking at the fine boy, another one passes by and you’re like

See fine fish!

3. You, talking to a fine stranger like you’ve known him since forever

Because that’s how you roll.

4. How you sprinkle ‘my dear’ and ‘sweetheart’ into every conversation you have

Everybody is a ‘dear’.

5. When you enter an office full of men, you’re like

You’re a fisherwoman in a sea filled with fishes.

6. When you buy a new see through top and you know how eyes will feast on you

Game about to be lit!

7. When people accuse you of being a flirt, you’re like

Don’t loud it, abeg.

8. When a guy looks ashy AF, but you still throw in a compliment because flirt

If you don’t do it, who will?

9. How your smile game is always 100% anytime you see boys

Come rain or harmattan, your own is just to be smiling upandan.


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