1. Garri

Groundnut and sugar were luxuries, though.You also made cold eba from it.

2. Cabin biscuits

Can be taken with butter or used for pako flakes.

3. Cornflakes

Always there for you when you missed Dining Hall food.

4. Indomie noodles

Contraband, but you still soaked the hell out of it.

5. Capri-Sonne

You were allowed to carry shoulder up if you had this.

6. Milo

Don’t lie, you used it for choco bum bum!

7. Okin biscuit

If you ate this in school, remind us to kneel when we greet you.

8. Spice

To support and garnish the dead jollof they served in Dining.

9. Golden Morn

Your best friend when ‘Stomach Adjustment Palaver’ period hits.


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