1. When you take buses and keke napeps for 90% of the journey and then use an Uber for the last 10% so you arrive at where you’re going in grand style.

Laides and Gentlemen. I have arrived!

2. When you take an old Eva bottle and fill it with tap water on your way to work.

I can use that N150 for something else abeg.

3. When you use all your money to buy an expensive wristwatch and then you take pictures so you can show off the watch for your Instagram fam.

They don’t know that you’re going to drink garri for the rest of the month.

4. When you manage to go to the beach one time and you take like 300 pictures so you can upload one everyday for the next 1 year.

They must think I ball everyday.

5. When you borrow your roommate’s expensive shoes so you cross your legs anytime you sit down so people can notice.

See my borrow pose slay!

6. When you scatter your rent money on your bed and take a picture with it and then caption it, “Money ain’t a problem”.

Meanwhile the rent money isn’t even complete and your Landlord is about to throw you out.

7. When you’re drinking Sprite at the mall and it finishes so you go to the bathroom and fill the bottle up with water.

Because you know nobody will be able to tell the difference by just looking at it.

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