This Twitter user asked a very important question

1. And the answers will make you say ‘same’

2. Office politics is the worst

3. Watching your weight is an adult problem

4. The problems are uncountable, really

5. Oh wow, certainly wish I could relate to this

6. Draining, but it pays the bills, right?

7. Big problem, especially when you have those heavy ones that well swell like garri inside water

8. Where to work? Who to marry?

9. Who else didn’t see this one coming?

10. *Deep sigh*

11. Feeling inadequate is a requirement for adulting

12. Relationships are like a 24-hour job

13. Saving money is good but it’s so hard!

14. So true!

15. Does anyone ever really grow up?

16. Adulting is just basically a scam


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