1. When you’re with N1000 and you hear the conductor shouting at someone else for giving him N500.

Yawa don gas today!

2. When the quiet person beside you suddenly shouts “Praiseeeee daaa Looorddd!!!”

This is too much headache!

3. How everyone looks at you when you pass your bus stop.

”Sister, you been dey sleep before?”

4. When you’re already late for work and the bus decides to break down.

I am finished!

5. When you’re sitting beside the conductor and his armpit is in your face.

That stinks bruuuhhhh!

6. Some small boys in danfo be like: “Sistah, can I know you beta?’

You think we are mates abi? I don’t blame you!

7. When you forget to collect your N900 change from the conductor.

Kuku kill me!

8. When the driver is bent on driving everyone straight to hell.

Please sir, this is not Fast and Furious o!

9. That rare moment when the conductor forgets to collect his money.

Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner!

10. When the bus starts making funny sounds on 3rd Mainland Bridge, and the conductor says nothing is wrong with it.

Oga, everything is wrong with it !

11. When one woman says you should lap her babies because “They’re your sisters.”

No ma, I know my own sisters well!

12. When the conductor says the fare has increased to N150, but you have exactly N100.

But it was N100 yesterday now!

13. You, when the driver says you should use the seat belt.

I can’t even deal!

14. When you remember you have to to go through the same mess tomorrow, because you’re still ‘carless’.

Choi! Baba God, do it for your girl! Featured Image Credit: Bayo Omoboriowo


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