1. When you get too scared to check your account balance.

Because what you don’t know won’t kill you.

2. When you have to start buying food at the buka near you.

What is restaurant selling that Iya Basira doesn’t have, please?

3. How you now have to start walking to work, because no money.

It’s part of exercise anyway!

4. You and indomie will now be like:

Your best friend when the going gets tough.

5. How you unlook when your friends say they want to go and see a movie.

Movie ko! I have NTA in my house, please.

6. How you now start sparking for all the people owing you money.

If you people don’t want to die, release it!

7. When you don’t even bother yourself with mobile data anymore.

There’s kuku wifi in the office!

8. You, when someone offers you free food at the office.

My helper!

9. How you sleep knowing tomorrow is payday.


10. You, checking your phone every second for that credit alert.

This thing should come o!

11. How you call HR when the salary still doesn’t land.

Ermmm oga HR, how market?

12. You, when HR says there’ll be a delay in payment.

Kuku carry knife and kill me , please!

13. When you finally get the pay, you’re like:

I’m rich, bitch!


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