When you calculate how much you spend buying food in a month just because you don’t want to cook

I don’t believe my eyes

This is how you struggle to eat indomie for the tenth night in a row

God deliver me from this affliction

How you show up at your friend’s house who likes to cook every weekend

Surprise! It’s me again, what’s for lunch?

Everyone at the food place near your house knows your name, surname and birthday


You parent’s are tired of you showing up every weekend to beg for homemade food

There’s just nothing like your mum’s jollof rice

This is you on the rare occasion that you have to cook

Why do bad things happen to good people

And it’s not as if you don’t know how to cook o you just don’t understand why it has to be so stressful

The stress

You’ve not refilled your gas cooker in 3 years because the only thing you use it to cook is indomie

At least you are saving money there

How you feel when you get into a relationship with someone who loves to cook

The Lord is good

You’ll rather soak garri for breakfast, lunch and dinner than enter the kitchen to cook

Garri never killed anybody

How you feel when you manage to boil rice once a month

Nobody talk to me, please

This is what your fridge always looks like

You don’t even have stew

When your friends come over and ask you what you have to offer

Will you like indomie or indomie?

While you don’t like to cook we know you love to eat. So how do you feel about jollof rice?


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