1. “Why are you vexing? Are you on your menses?”

Yes I am, and so what?

2. “Ehn at least you are not pregnant”

But who asked you?

3. “Didn’t you just see your menses last week?”

Oga, are you helping me count it?

4. “Is it because of small period you are doing as if you want to die.”

We are warning you for the last time

5. “It’s paining you? Pele, if you were a man now…”

If I were a man I won’t be able to survive it, yes I know

6. Please stop talking about your period we don’t want to hear about it.

Come on will you shut up your mouth there

7. “Wawu so you mean you will bleed for 5 days straight and you won’t die.”

Don’t lie, we know you failed Biology in WAEC

8. “Pad is expensive? Why can’t you use tissue or cloth? Afterall what did our mothers use.”

You why are you wearing clothes to work, wrap leaf around your body like Adam now

9. “Just period? Is that the only thing that’s doing you?”

You that you don’t have a period, what’s always doing you.

10. “So it’s like every month every month?”

Ehn ehn, it’s every year

11. Please if you are a guy, and you’ve ever been guilty of any of the above. Repent now.

We are begging, please.


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