Ah! Lagos-Ibadan expressway. The important road connecting 2 very special Nigerian cities. Everybody that has travelled in or out of Lagos by road must have journeyed along this wonderful expressway. Do people live there? Well, Yes. And if you are one of those people, you’ve probably experienced everything on this list!

1. When people invite you to the island.

Like Lekki folks, we don’t do bridges! It’s not as fine as Lekki or Ikoyi, I know but I’m not coming please.

2. Getting to Berger and beginning the one-hour journey out of Lagos.

I’m at the end of Lagos and home is still far away.

3. When there’s traffic on the road and you start preparing to spend the night.

Where is my blanket please?

4. Finding out all the church camps have conventions/revivals and the conductor says “Ketu-Ojota, 500 naira”.

Can I sleep at home today please?

5. When you keep missing out on awesome events because..distance.

Then you watch your social life dying slowly.

6. Leaving your house at 4am so you can get to ordinary mainland before 8.

Sleep is for the weak.

7. When you try to take a cab by accident and you hear the price.

Sorry, whet?

8. When you start forming coo keed because you hang out at ICM a lot.

Well that’s the only cool place in Lagos you can hang.

9. When Lagosians treat you like an outcast.

Don’t hate, you can’t even get to Ibadan from Lagos in one hour like us.

10. When you finally get to move to Lagos.


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