1. You, never missing an opportunity to take a selfie:

Even in the middle of a life crisis, you’re there taking selfies.

2. You, spending ‘quality time’ with your friends.

“I have to capture the moment.”

3. You, whenever you see anything that resembles a camera or phone:

Time to slay.

4. How you feel when you look great but don’t have a phone to take a selfie.

What is life at this point?

5. When you ask for your friend’s phone and return it full of your selfies.

Have to take a selfie by all means necessary abeg.

6. What you look for in a phone:

What else matters?

7. What your camera roll looks like:

For the love of selfies.

8. When you’ve taken a million selfies and finally find the right one.

Too lit!

9. How you feel after you’ve mastered the art of selfie taking.


10. How you take selfies when you want your whole outfit to show.

Cannot come and be wasting kacks.

11. You, when your friends decide to do ‘silly faces’ in pictures, but pouting is your signature pose.

You people are on your own.

12. You staying camera ready at all times.

Gats be prepared.

13. You, posting every great selfie you take so they don’t go to waste.

Waste not, want not.

14. How you impact ‘selfie wisdom’ to your friends:

Na so.

15. Your parents every time you take a selfie:

Somebody cannot post ordinary selfie in peace again.

16. When you finally drag them into your selfie obsession.

A family that takes selfies together, stays together.

17. How your friends look at you when you get excited that it’s National Selfie Day.

Yes, there’s a National Selfie Day people. June 21st, get it right.

Anyway sha, don’t mind the haters. Take awesome selfies with the 13MP front facing camera on the new Tecno Camon C9.


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