With many Nigerians’ behaviours influenced by culture and religion, expressing gratitude even for the barest minimum is seen as a sign of respect. So here are some of the very basic things Nigerians love to be appreciated for.

Refunding money they borrowed 

Even if it’s your money, don’t you know that times are hard? They could have easily run off with your money, faked their death, or simply just refused to pay back. But they didn’t, so you should be grateful, kneel down and thank them profusely for doing you the favour of returning your own money. 

Telling you the truth

Because Nigerian men are prone to lying, they like to be appreciated for simply telling the truth. Talking about, “You should be happy I told you the truth; what if I had lied?” 

Having sex with them

Sex is hard work, so if you find someone that can go three whole rounds without muscle cramps, and also make you cum, maybe you should thank them actually.

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Following you on social media 

Don’t you know that follower count is almost as important as body count? If not, why would they be replying “ifb” under every viral tweet? So if someone does you the honour of following you, maybe you could should a little more gratitude? The same thing applies to people that interact with your content. Be saying thank you for each comment, please.

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For paying for your service 

Nigerians want you to thank them for patronising you, for paying the price y’all agreed on or just even paying you at all tbh. 

For rendering a service

What’s better than paying Nigerians in cash? Paying in many thanks and gratitude. If you don’t agree, just go to your local hairdresser and attempt to leave after paying without saying thank you first. 

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For eating your food 

Did you really grow up in a Nigerian home if you never had to thank your mother and father after each meal?

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