Everyone’s spending a lot of time on the internet these days, even your crush. So instead of showing up at their front door with roses and panranran, you could build a relationship with them online. 

No, this article doesn’t have some cringe lines you can use to shoot your shot. What it does have are proven tips to make them notice you, and if you’re lucky, initiate the relationship. 

Like all their stories and tweets

Keep liking whatever story they post. Don’t say anything to them, don’t follow them, just like all their stories. After two weeks of this, they’ll notice you. It’s very simple, but it works.

Turn on post notification, and be the first to comment on their posts

Always spice things up. On some days, “First to comment. Kfb. I love you” on others, “it’s giving, you ate, step on my neck, break my back and use my heart as your armrest”. Just be creative, let them see you’re serious.

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Follow and unfollow them

Just think about it. They may not notice when you first follow them. But there’s no way they can ignore you by the 15th time. 

Post thirst traps

From the name alone, you know it’s effective. Add them to your IG close friends list, post sexy pictures or videos and wait for them to fall into your trap. If you want to be extra, add a song you’ve seen them jamming to, or wear their favourite colour or even a thong with their initials. Figure it out, we can’t tell you everything. 

Create a burner account and drag them

Before you rule this one out, let us finish. You’ll be dragging them with your burner account and defending them with your real one. They’ll message you to thank you for always coming to their defence, and even beg you to date them. 


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Do giveaways 

The country is hard. Everybody is looking for free money, even your crush. So even if they’re too shy to participate in the giveaway, they’ll know you’re rich and start to pay attention. 

End up on any popular blog

It doesn’t matter what you trend for, in our experience, the worse, the better. Just do something that’ll get you on a gossip blog. You’ll not only get their attention but you’ll get everyone’s attention. This plan can’t fail.

Start an IG live, and wait for them

For this one, you need perseverance. Beg all your followers to tag them in the comment section of the live till they come and acknowledge you. Pros: Everyone would be invested in your love story (what do they say about when two or three agree?)

Con: It’ll cost you a lot of data because you might have to be there the whole day.

Pro tip: Make a lot of fuss about it online before you eventually go live, so at least, you’d get more than your usual one viewer.

Greet them every time

Once in the morning, afternoon and night — like a doctor’s prescription. They’ll either find your persistence cute or they’ll think you’re a creep and block you. Either way, you get recognition, no?

Find out who their crush is, and catfish as them

Even your crush has a crush, and that’s their weakness. Find out who the person is, create an account in their name, add their pictures and message your crush. It doesn’t matter that they’re only giving you attention cause they think you’re someone else — attention is attention. 

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