We know tickets to heaven are the hardest things to get, but we have a list of nominees. If they don’t get it, we’ll be very angry. This is our list of the 9 kinds of Nigerians that should make heaven.

1. Neighbors who tell us when they have brought the light if our generator is on.

The good Lord will continue to bless them for us. May there always be light in your life. And love to go with the light.

2. Neighbors who help us bring in our clothes when it’s raining.

You will always be at the beginning of every queue. Your dreams will never soak.

3. People who don’t speed past in their cars when they see its raining so that mud water doesn’t splash pedestrians. 

As you have kept the sand away from our clothes it will also never enter your garri.

4. People who warn us about shitty service / products with their honest reviews 

Your guardian angel will never sleep off on duty. You will continue to live a 5 star life on earth and subsequently in heaven.

5. People who post funny memes.

Thank you for spreading joy. Keep up the good work.

6. People who read the terms and conditions and come on social media to call companies out. God knows we would have just clicked accept and moved out.

zikoko - Kinds Of Nigerians

We are so grateful, we know you are underrated but we see you fam.

7. People who mind their business.

zikoko - Kinds Of Nigerians

You people are the unicorns of our time. And as you have stayed away from trouble, trouble will also never find it’s way to you.

8. Neighbors who bring us food. 

zikoko - Kinds Of Nigerians

With meat in it. Food will never be your problem in this life and in heaven, you will never miss out on the plenty buffets.

9. People who share Zikoko’s content. 

zikoko - Kinds Of Nigerians

Y’all are the real MVP’s.



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