If you’re a Nigerian living in Nigeria (even if you live outside the country), you know about our high levels of unemployment.

It is a terrible something.

Nigerian employers sef are not helping matters.

Like when they’re interviewing you and after going through your CV for 15 minutes, they still tell you to “tell me about yourself.”

So when #9jaEmployers started trending on Twitter, we knew that people were finally ready to voice their frustrations.

And because we love you so much, we’re here to bring you the funniest tweets.

You can thank us later.

Let’s start with this one, about experience.

How?! LOL

And this one, about all the times prospective employers reminded you that all your degrees aren’t worth shit.

The one about what happens when you mistakenly ask for a raise.

And this one, about when employers develop selective amnesia.

This one about when your initial job description and actual job don’t mix.

And this one about when they use your salary to hold you hostage.

Then there was this one, telling you why you should never set high standards.

And this one showing you what employers really think about your life plans.

This one about when you call in sick.

When your employer is just really petty.

This one about how the job market really works.

Nepotism at it’s best!

This one from this person that is legit confused.

Nobody understands. They themselves don’t even understand.

Then there was this guy, who asked the most important question.

This guy, that couldn’t join the trend.

Last but not the least were these tweets that predicted the futures of most of the people taking part in this trend.

Nigerian employers, learn something from this.


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