If they’re young, and Nigerian, these eleven gifts will definitely make their Christmas.

And if your budget is tighter than skinny jeans, you can always opt for number three.

1. Money

Just open your wallet and slap them with 2 million in a foreign currency.

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2. Plot of land

Life’s too short for them not to be a landlord too. If a land on Banana Island will tear your pocket, they can manage Lekki.

3. Luxury hampers

Hampers take the hard work out of gifting. Be sure to add these items; alcoholic and alcohol-free wines, curated gift boxes, jams, 2022 starter pack, small chops, bathroom slippers to trek inside traffic, olive oil for glowing skin, shades to hide from enemies, and other unique items which you can find only at Celebrations.

4. House rent

Boya if you cannot buy land, you can pay two years rent upfront. T for thank you very much.

5. The grace of God

It looks like that is the only thing that does not have comma in Nigeria.

6. Confectioneries/sweets

Nobody has to wait till birthdays to indulge in some sweet toothed chop-chop. Gift a Nigerian young adult chocolates or biscuits today. G for God bless.

7. Christmas scents/fragrances

You can’t go wrong with diffusers, scented candles for your homes and perfumes. Why? Nobody wants to enter 2022 smelling like all the stress of 2021 combined

8. Your destiny helper’s number

Oh, you think it’s only you your destiny helper was created for? Everybody must collect their share of “help”, and that’s that about that.

9. Teddy bear

Nothing slaps more than a soft, comforting teddy to hold onto after carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Since human teddies are now hard to find.

10. Somebody’s son/daughter

Why wait till “one day” for somebody’s son or daughter to love you, when they can be gifted to you now?

11. Space in your relationship

If you cannot find someone’s son or daughter to gift a young, Nigerian adult, the next option is to create space in your relationship. In this case, three isn’t a crowd.

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