Do you want people to regard you with awe and put some “respeck” on your name? If you live in Nigeria, the following will be very useful in achieving your aim.

1. Tell them you know Dangote one-on-one

Whether you’ve even seen the back of his head before or not, it doesn’t matter. The koko is how well you’re able to defend your claims.

2. Choose violence once in a while

Have been choosing the “nice” path? Ah. If you want to earn yourself some respect, change it for people and choose violence every once in a while.

3. Stay far away from drama

That includes not dragging people that didn’t do anything to you on Twitter, and telling Bisi you have work to do when she comes with office gossip. Tomorrow it’ll be your gist she’ll be spreading.

4. Show them your birth certificate

Maybe people don’t respect you because of your small stature. You can fix that by showing them your birth certificate. Let them know you are not their mate, especially disrespectful Gen Zs.

5. Make it in life

If you’re not rich-rich enough for people to use your name for clout, forget anything about respect oh. Make it in life first and see how people will rush you with respect.

6. Make sure people know you only shop outside the country…

…Even as far as Turkey, and your orders get delivered directly to your doorstep because you use a Shop & Ship service. If it’s easy let them do it.

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