You have probably heard of Queen Amina, but you may not know her story as much as you know about Wonder Woman, Black Widow, or even Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty. And that’s a pity because Queen Amina was right there at the conference meeting when the guide for “Badass Female Hero” was written.

The profound lack of African myths, legends and superhero stories in mainstream media will have you thinking we don’t have that kind of content, but we actually do. And Paranamics is telling these stories. There’s an apparent problem with preserving history in Nigeria; the longer it lingers, the less there will be of our past to refer to. Generations will come and go and at some point, the names of past heroes will be totally forgotten.

We have Oduduwa of Osun, Queen Amina of Kaduna, Jaja of Opobo to mention a few. Nigeria is home to 250 different ethnic groups and that is a lot of content yet to be explored, a lot of stories untold.


is trying to solve this problem by telling our stories one delightful comic at a time. They are passionate about exporting our local content to international markets. And why not? We have a lot of characters the world needs to meet. Talk about Queen Amina of Kaduna, Oduduwa of Osun, Sango, the original God of Thunder, and Jaja of Opobo, to mention a few.

Comics are one of the most fun and easiest ways to read and tell stories. Comics don’t try to be deep or blow your mind with intellectual gravitas. They take you on a smooth journey, transporting you into a different world that will keep you entertained and, in this case, enlightened about our own African heroes.

Inspired by the exciting complexities in our multicultural society, Panaramic is adapting these stories to modern entertainment forms. They are all about promoting Nigeria’s culture and transporting readers to the exciting stories that happened even before colonization and westernization influences.

Their premier product, “Okiojo’s Chronicles”, follows standalone historical/cultural individuals and events carefully selected from Nigeria’s various ethnic groups. Available in print & digital formats, “Okiojo’s Chronicles” is an exciting and enlightening read you should absolutely treat yourself to.

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