Jumping buses in Lagos is part of what makes living in Lagos the extreme sport we all know it to be. Danfo’s adds to the trauma of being a Lagosian working and living in Lagos. Here are 7 things everyone using Danfos in Lagos can relate with’

1. Boiling in traffic because there’s no AC. 

If the bus has a working AC vent then best believe it’s not a Lagos danfo. You’re probably about to be kidnapped fam.

2. When the driver is both the conductor and the driver. 

It will not be a smooth ride. 

3. When the conductor does not speak English. 

Or is pretending not to understand English. Know that you may not ever see your change. And everything will be blamed on the language barrier.

4. When they hike bus fares because it rained.

zikoko- Danfos In Lagos

And nobody is protesting this hike, everybody is just hustling to get a seat. What’s even the correlation between rain and bus fare?

5. When the conductor keeps “forgetting” to give you change and you know you can’t fight.

It hits harder if the change they keep forgetting to give you is actually your last card.

6. When the conductor keeps announcing “enter with your change oh”. 

zikoko- Danfos In Lagos

But it’s Monday morning and you only have N1000 notes on you.

7. When you had a really long day but someone starts with “Praise da Lord”.

zikoko- Danfos In Lagos

Please just shut up, life in Lagos is stressful enough as it is. I shouldn’t have to come back from work to hear you, your blunders, and your illogical theories.

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