Traveling by road in Nigeria should be listed as a type of punishment. The stress, pain and discomfort involved are just on another level. And the journeys somehow always last longer than they should because there’s so much landmass to cover and there are police checkpoints to waste precious time at. If you’ve been traveling by road in Nigeria then here are 10 annoying things you can relate with;

1. You get to the bus park and you have to wait for the bus to get filled. 

No matter how early you woke up, someone somewhere enjoying their beauty sleep will still mess up your schedule because they haven’t come to the park yet.

2. Then they squeeze all the passengers in like sardines. 

The only person who actually gets to sit comfortably is the driver. After cramming 4 people into a 3 people space they still pack the boxes under the chairs. You’re comfort is not even on the list of priorities.

3. When someone says they want to pee again. 

Another reason to waste even more time on the road.

5. You’re hungry but all you see when you look out the window is the beautiful Nigerian landmass.

You are literally in the middle of nowhere and there are no restaurants around.

6. When a hawker absconds with your change. 

zikoko - Traveling By Road

This hits differently because the chances of you seeing that hawker again are extremely low.

7. They tell you it’s a 5-hour journey but the police checkpoints are no respecter of time. 

zikoko - Traveling By Road

Police checkpoints make sure to keep you and

8. All the cramps your legs get from the awkward position you had to leave them in all day. 

zikoko - Traveling By Road

Very painful sometin.

10. Then another passenger decides to use you as pillow.

zikoko - Traveling By Road

So you spend a good part of the journey pushing their heavy head away.

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