There isn’t just one way to experience pregnancy. And I’ve encountered so many different types of pregnant women in this life, I’ve now listed nine of them below.

The pregnant women who don’t know they’re pregnant

Some people don’t find out that they’re pregnant until the day they’re in labour. This happens more often than you think. Imagine seeing your period and thinking everything is normal, only for you to “fall sick” and the doctors tell you that you’ve been pregnant for nine months. God abeg.

The ones who eat the weirdest things 

My friend once told me that her mom was eating chalk while pregnant, and I haven’t been able to wrap my head around that. There are plenty pregnant women like this: they like things like avocado ice cream, bitter leaf, raw meat, etc. There are also the ones who eat the worst food combinations. I once saw a woman mix egusi soup and porridge beans, and then eat that already ridiculous combo with eba. 

The pregnant women who don’t like to eat certain things

There are also the ones who suddenly hate food they loved before they got pregnant. Suddenly, the smell of their favourite soup makes them want to throw up. If my baby makes me hate banga soup, I’ll be very upset.  

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The overly emotional pregnant women 

Almost every pregnant woman is emotional. But have you met the one who can go through five emotions in less than one minute? It’s interesting to see. 

The pregnant women who don’t know how to rest 

Doctors said to take a break and rest, but they’ll start climbing high stools and changing bulbs. It’s after doctor’s advice they’ll realise decide they want to rearrange all the rooms in the house and go to the gym. Aunty, please rest. 

The pregnant women who are always tired 

These pregnant women don’t want to do anything but stay in bed and sleep. Left to them, their maternity leave would start from their first trimester. Can you blame them? E easy to carry pikin? 

The social media afficionados 

The ones who give you updates on the entire pregnancy journey. From the moment they get pregnant, to their gender reveal, to when they give birth. Very few Nigerian women do this sha — not when their village people exist. 

The pregnant women who hide their pregnancies 

You’re casually scrolling through social media one lucky day, and you see that your friend has posted a picture of a newborn baby with the caption “Grateful”. These types of pregnant women are the ones you can trust with any secret. You can kill someone and have them swear not to tell anyone, and they wouldn’t flinch. 

The well-prepared pregnant women 

These pregnant women have watched every single video about what to expect when you’re expecting. They’ve read every parenting book and bought everything that has the name baby before it. These expecting mothers are more than prepared. Nothing can catch them unaware… they think. 

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